Quality addition to AlMada Project

Quality addition to AlMada Project

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  • 2021/01/09 01:55:37 م
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Mr. Najih AlMamouri

Iraqi writer’s union

I feel overwhelmed and happy, AlMada has widened its intellectual and knowledge activities to include Baghdad, Basra later on Najaf.

If this refers to anything, then it refers clearly that AlMada group is project of becoming, like all big projects planned by executive minds to fulfill big leaps in architecting socially, politically and culturally. And i am most sure what AlMada and Mr. Fakhri Kareem is seeking only refers to high awareness and great knowledge of the role of culture in people’s lives and societies, AlMada had put in mind, what culture means in a country like Iraq going through tribal conflicts, divided and corruption mastering its scene.

This institute realizes with scientific and experience awareness transcript from a historical experiment started with success in Iraq. And am certain due to my great closeness to the project, this new transition will be of huge positive reflect to limit and end violence, the union will find every human capabilities and expertise to help with the success of this experiment.

In the union we all realize that AlMada through the book fairs is a supplement for the union and what it does.

I wish that AlMada plan will be big enough to host number of names, stars in the sky of culture and Academic medias.

With the seriousness of the president of the institute, and willingness and perseverance of his employees, i am sure they will accomplish what fulfills a patriot event in Iraq. This institute which am so close to; thinks of everybody and dreams of the notion of participating widely and deeply, this what we all trying to achieve, and that what made the Iraqi culture interface in the lead in front of Arabs writers and cultural personas.